Saigon Mama One Month Special For Greenwave Clients And Friends!

You know Saigon Mama for their delicious Vietnamese cuisine, extensive menu of phos and other delicacies, and large number of stores in China. Well now you will also know them for their use of purified drinking water!


Indeed, the popular Vietnamese cuisine brand Saigon Mama is using Greenwave’s central filter and reverse osmosis drinking water purifiers in all its Shanghai and Beijing locations, to create even better recipes, and most importantly, cleaner and safer water.


When Greenwave launched the Clean Water Restaurants project a few years ago, Saigon Mama very gladly joined the movement. But what does this project imply, and what’s in it for you? Read the following to learn more!



Clean Water Restaurant Mission


The Clean Water Restaurant mission is quite simple: to provide clean purified drinking water to a large number of people outside their home, by installing Greenwave's reverse osmosis water filtration systems, besides other necessary ones. 纯净水餐厅项目的目标很简单:通过为餐厅安装的直饮水净化系统,为那些在外就餐的用户提供放心、健康的用水。

As a result from this filtration system, the water obtained is free of heavy metals and other impurities found in tap water, which other methods are far from achieving, making it completely safe to consumption, and with a better taste! This last point is particularly important for restaurants such as Saigon Mama, where taste is one of the key features of their brand. Being predominantly a Pho restaurant, this means most of their dishes are broth based and contain a lot of water. In essence, the cleaner the water is, the better tasting water will be, which means more tantalizing high quality dishes served.


Saigon Mama and Greenwave work together to ensure all water used for cooking and drinking in the restaurants is completely clean. This ensures every customer will have a better experience with tasty Vietnamese pho and water. With a Clean Water Restaurant Certificate, this has made the Saigon Mama brand even more attractive than before.


To learn more about the Clean Water Restaurant project, take a look at the official website:



Saigon Mama One Month Special


We are very happy to have Saigon Mama as the first restaurant to launch Greenwave’s special initiative of “One Month Special Clean Water Restaurant”.


During this month, a huge number of its cash vouchers will be distributed to Greenwave clients and friends, which could be spent in any Saigon Mama venues for free when the bill to pay is less than the value of vouchers!


Three simple ways get the vouchers 3种获取餐券的方式:

· For every purchase of Greenwave products you make, 20% of your payment will be gifted back to you in the form of Saigon Mama vouchers! For example, if you buy a ¥998 ClearFallX Shower filter, you will get two ¥100 Saigon Mama vouchers!


· Greenwave technicians and professional consultation team are always happy to visit your place for replacing your filters or giving you personalized advice depending on your home settings. As such, you will receive one Saigon Mama voucher when a Greenwave person comes to your home for either maintenance or consultation service (limited to one consultation for the duration of this offer).


· Be one of the first 20 people to share this article! (see below for details)


We do hope that this initiative will encourage people to discover both brands, as we do share a bond for customer safety and satisfaction, so let your friends and family know!

我们希望这种合作能让更多的人了解Greenwave和Saigon Mama,因为那会让食客有更多的安全感与满意度。因此,也请将我们分享给您的朋友和家人!


Redeem Your Vouchers


Find Greenwave Water Purifiers systems in all the following Saigon Mama venues, in which your cash vouchers will happily be redeemed in delicious food and beverages!

找到任意一个和Greenwave合作的西贡妈妈餐厅,使用您手里的餐券直接支付,涵盖所有您在Saigon mama消费的的食物和饮品的费用。


Share To Win Vouchers


Stand a chance to be part of the green movement and good food! By sharing this article out, you will have the chance to be one of 20 lucky people to win a voucher worth ¥100 to spend in Saigon Mamas in Shanghai or Beijing.


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· Screenshot the post and send it to us before September 19th


We will randomly draw 20 lucky winners from all the responses and they will each win a voucher.


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