Shower Filters Explained for Newcomers|新手须知:沐浴净水器

Many people moving to China have recurring skin and hair issues due to the water quality, quite different from the one in their home country. Dry and brittle hair, hair loss, dry and itchy skin, eczema, all these problems have been lived by a lot. What solution is there to fight this? Well, water filters of course! However, among so many choices and suppliers, questions on which ones to choose will arise, and this article is here to answer them.



Important services to look for


Product range, a transparent and customized service process and if it is a genuine brand are suggested to consider when searching out for suitable shower filters and suppliers.


Product range


Due to different shower fixtures and level of requirements, it's hard for one shower filter to be suitable for all the taps and meet everyone's needs. A series of choices will be needed including handheld shower filters, rain or wall mounted showers and water softeners.


A transparent&customized process


From consultation to installation, you will want to find a brand that can assist you every step of the way in your choice. Filters are a key component of your bathroom’s utilities, and maintenance is very important in ensuring your well-being. To find a brand that can provide different solutions adapted to different fixtures, meaning suitable for different places or cities (a huge plus if you decide to move out and feel satisfied with the products!), can help greatly. Moreover, an English-speaking company is another added bonus, to answer all your concerns and provide you efficient after-sales services, including filter changes and advices.


Genuine brands


Be also on the lookout for scam brands or cheap, subpar versions of the product you were intending to purchase! When picking a provider, go for one with established community bonds. Copy the following link to browse to know about Greenwave's copycat and avoid falling into victims.



Answers to different sensitivities


Key to remove chlorine


Excessive chlorine is the main factor for most skin and hair problems related to water. To get it resolved is the primary function for any shower filters to use. The most often used components for that purpose are activated carbon, KDF, vitamin C, calcium sulfate.


Different shower filters


Due to the above, if you are considering the activated carbon shower filters, you might need to pay attention to the water temperature. High temperature will cause activated carbon to lose effectiveness. If you are using KDF ones, you might need to concern the metals. If you are using Vitamin C ones, you will need to change the filters more often. For Greenwave, we are mainly carrying calcium sulfate ones.

如上,如果你在考虑的是活性炭沐浴器,那么你可以需要关注水温, 水温高了效果会降低;如果你在用KDF沐浴器,你可能需要考虑铜离子的增加;如果你选择的是维C沐浴器,你则需要更频繁的更换滤芯。对Greenwave来说,我们主要使用的是亚硫酸产品、搭配了其它功能材料。

Special filters needed


For most users, the products bringing the above effectiveness will be enough. However, they are extreme cases. For these who feel that the filtered water is still not good enough even though the products used are testified to be effective, the water is with some metallic smell or these living in north China where water is harder, some extra treatment will be needed to lower the hardness/softening water by resin.


Big water pressure


The water pressure is another important concern for many people interested in shower filters. Not everyone likes the same amount of pressure, and it is true some shower filters can reduce it drastically, especially if not made by professional companies. It is essential to get some insight on the filters used, some of them allowing for water to get through it more efficiently.



Greenwave Shower Filters


At Greenwave, we provide a wide range of water solutions for every room of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the laundry room, to help you and your family get access to clean water every moment of the day! Here is the list of our popular shower and bathtub filters:


ClearFallX shower filter


The most updated shower filter ClearFallX is suitable for handhled shower, removing sediments and chlorine in both hotand cold water, small clustering water molecules, increasing negative ions andwater pressure.


ShowerKing rainshower filter


Suitable for rain or wall mounted shower, removing sediments and chlorine in both hot and cold water, small clustering water molecules, increasing negative ions as well. The ClearFallX uses one more filter in the head and is a bit better.


WaterBaby faucet filter


Suitable for sink and bathtub taps as well as kitchen taps, removing sediments and chlorine in both hot and coldwater, small clustering water molecules, increasing negative ions as well.


UltraShower filter&softener


Our latest product, and the most efficient for hard water! Suitable for the most sensitive users or simply people who want even better shower products. Besides the functions of ClearFallX or ShowerKing, it also softens water, lowers hardness and provides the ultimate shower experience!



Rent your UltraShower product


Similar to our Alatai rental offer (for drinking purified water), we allow you to get UltraShower for a much more convenient price, renting it for only ¥100 a month! With NO DEPOSIT needed, this makes UltraShower your perfect bathroom accessory, for only ¥1,200 per year, an impressive deal!


Scan our QR Code to contact our service team about it, and get this exclusive offer as soon as possible, to get the best shower experience straight in your bathroom!



Special deal with Bianka!


Do you want an even better skin? Try the special deal with Bianka. For any Greenwave client buying ¥200, Bianka will provide free argan oil, ideal for moisturizing your skin and hair to perfection!


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