UltraShower For Ultimate Skin&Hair Protection From Shower Water

Have you experienced dissatisfaction with the water that you shower with, or even have some new skin and hair problems since you used water in China?

Do you still feel like something is missing even if you have a shower filter?

Try our latest shower filter&softener: UltraShower!





Greenwave filters for bathroom


ClearFallxShower filter, ShowerKing shower filter, WaterBaby faucet filter

Greenwave has a complete range of bathroom solutions, from shower to faucet filters. All these products are ideal to remove chlorine, which is the main cause of hair loss and skin problem due to the water quality in China.


From handheld to rain shower, and even bathtub faucet, we have you covered! However, there can be a time when normal filters do not feel sufficient, in cases of very hard water such as present in the North of China, or not meeting all your needs in the South.


At Greenwave, one of our main objectives is to constantly seek new solutions for better showering experiences, and relieve you of all low quality water related health problems. We want to give you the ultimate protected shower experience, which is why UltraShower answers these issues directly!



UltraShower, Ultimate Experience


Greenwave’s UltraShower is the most advanced shower water treatment product available. By effectively removing odour, excessive chlorine, chloramines, rust and elements that cause water hardness, UltraShower will relieve all skin and hair problems related to polluted water.


UltraShower gives you the ultimate protected shower experience. All of our previous shower filters do an excellent job for your use, but UltraShower does a better job of softening water -- lab results say up to 70% of water hardness is reduced. This is all thanks to our added resin, which does a great job of capturing magnesium and calcium ions. Whilst the extent to which water can be purified can vary from filter to filter, UltraShower knows no limits when it comes to softening water.



UltraShower Components


· Resin: Catches magnesium and calcium ions to make water softer


· KDF: Removes chlorine, some heavy metals, and inhibits the growth of bacteria

铜芯合金: 去除 余氯、重金属,抑菌

· Tourmaline: Small clusters water molecules to make it feel smoother and increase negative ions inside water

托玛琳: 小分子团化水,让水感受更舒适;增加负离子

· Calcium Sulfite: Removes chlorine from water

亚硫酸钙: 更进一步去除余氯

2 products in 1! 沐浴产品合二为一

Sensitive skin? Feel water smells strange? UltraShower has resin and KDF on top of calcium sulfite and tourmaline to make water not just filtered and softened. It will bring you unparalleled experience compared to any other choices in the market.



The Ultimate Shower Solution For


· Living areas that are high in hard water and chlorine, such as the North of China


· Living areas with strict installation requirements and no allowance on drilling holes, such as service apartments


· People with naturally more sensitive skin


· People with brittle hair or hair loss


· People who feels water smells, want cleaner and softer shower water



Why Is UltraShower So Convenient?


· Food grade Purolite resin, one of the best resin choices in the world


· Easy installation and maintenance, no damage to the current setting


· No electricity required to operate the system


· Easy to move and use



You can now rent UltraShower


Similar to our Alatai rental offer, we allow you to get UltraShower for a much more convenient price, renting it for only ¥100 a month!


With NO DEPOSIT needed, this makes UltraShower your perfect bathroom accessory, for only ¥1,200 per year, an impressive deal! A year's 3 times' filter change included.


Scan our QR Code to contact our service team about it, and get this exclusive offer as soon as possible, to get the best summer shower experience straight in your bathroom!


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