Atmosphere Air Purifier

Atmosphere Air Purifier


Remove PM 2.5 & VOCs

High-end choice with great performance.

High quality purification

Being one of the highest quality purifiers on the market, this air purifier filters PM 2.5 particles, lead, bacteria, and VOCs. The automatic system indicates when its filters need to be changed for your convenience.


Filter Specifics

Coverage of up to 36 square meters, and filters particles down to 0.0009um – one of the highest in the air filtration industry.


Unparalleled Filtration

The Atmosphere is the top tier filtration option for you. Even the most sensitive lungs will find comfort in this high class filter.




Filters PM2.5, dust, bacteria and other harmful substances larger than 0.009um

> Activated Carbon

Removes cigarette smoke, odor, and VOCs


Functions and Features:

Effectively filters PM2.5 particles and VOCs, which include lead and bacteria ; with automatic function and indicators for changing the filters


Filtration precision:

0.0009um, one of the highest in the air filtration industry


Filtration speed/Clean Air Delivery Rate with AHAM certification:



Coverage space:

36 square meters



H737 x W281 x D280mm


Suitable for:

Bedrooms, study rooms, offices