Commercial Reverse Osmosis Filter with Cabinet

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Filter with Cabinet


9800 rmb~16800 rmb

Ideal solution for larger commercial places, to benefit from the reverse osmosis technology with a higher power.

Enjoy the best of filtration at home

Greenwave’s reverse osmosis system is one of the most advanced filtration systems on the market.

With BPA-free filters and imported reverse osmosis membrane, our system will make sure that you have the best quality water at home.


A water 99% free of heavy metals

Providing your home with clean water free of heavy metals is something that Greenwave prides itself on. Because we care about our clients’ concerns, we use the most advanced technologies in order to provide everyone with safer water supply.


Convenient, Clean and Cost-friendly

With the installation of Clavo, it’s very convenient to get clean water for drinking and cooking. The solution is completely safe and helps to save your cost.


Product Commercial Purifier with Cabinet
Price ¥9800-16800
Maintenance Cost/Year Custom
Size L540 x W350 x H950mm
Production/Day 120L/H
Filtration Precision 0.0001 um
Power Usage 220v/50HZ


Component: PP fiber+ carbon filter+ carbon filter+ RO membrane+ carbon filter



Faster water production rate: 400GPD/800GPD

Using imported membrane.

Modified pipes and taps.


Suitable for:

Suitable for restaurants and other commercial places.