Customized Adapter

Customized Adapter


Customized adaptor is used to install the water filters when the fittings (faucet/shower head etc.) are not standard or regular.

It is highly possible for kitchen or bathrooms taps to have irregular size or threads.

For the past 6 years, over 40% of the faucets where we installed filters were not easy, and about 5% of the shower fixtures for shower filters could not be installed. For these kinds of cases, custom made adapters are required.


For clients who need to use custom made adapters, we need to take the aerators from the taps or the shower heads off and send them to the factory for customization with copper. The process will take 2~3 days. Each custom made adaptor will cost 50 rmb. If Fapiao is needed, it will cost 60 rmb.

Hundreds of custom made adaptors are already available in our stock, to meet your needs as soon as possible. 



If you want to have a gadget to fill up the hole for the small faucet of the drinking water purifier on the counter, we can do customization for such an adaptor as well.