Electrolux UltraActive ZUA3840P

Electrolux UltraActive ZUA3840P


The UltraActive model offers you3000W of suction, hypoallergenic PM2.5 filtering, one-touch canister dumping,digital controls -- perfect for commercial use, large homes, or plushcarpeting.

The vacuum cleaner can help to empty the dust in a extremely easy way without spilling, due to its fantastic design. The HEPA filters are very easy to remove, clean and put in place again. All these designs are to reduce the effort. 

With UltraActive you get the cleaning efficiency of a full-size vacuum cleaner, but in a lighter and more compact package. It's also easy to manoeuvre, it's bagless and easy to handle. In short, it means an excellent cleaning result with less effort - all so you can do better things with your energy.

Compact size
The vacuum cleaner can easily fit into a smal place thanks to the compact size and choices of two parking lips.

ZUA3840 comes with 
Long reach cord to ensure continued mobility and reach during the cleaning process

Variable Power Control
The Ultra Active comes with adjustable power level. Turn it.

The UltraActive doesn’t compromise on the cleaning performance. It features a powerful motor, and the entire airflow through the vacuum cleaner, from the nozzle to outlet, is optimized.It all means less effort for you – you don’t have to vacuum the same patch over and over.