Electrolux SuperCyclone ZSC69FD2

Electrolux SuperCyclone ZSC69FD2


The Basic model has the same high quality HEPA filtering as the Ultra Active, but is less powerful and has manual instead of digital controls. Great for small apartments. 

Dust & Gone
Always clean, and always ready to work, the Dust & Gone dusting brush allows for on the spot dusting, without having to handle or manually clean the brush!

High Speed Dust Removal!
Powerful performance means more dust and dirt is picked up in one pass over the floor, saving you time and effort.

Extra large 3lt Dust Container
The extra large bagless dust container performs for up to 3 times longer without emptying. What's more it's super easy to remove and empty.

Turbo pet hair nozzle
Turn the task of lifting pet hair from carpet into a breeze.

Hard floor nozzle
Clean any hard floor surface without fear of leaving scratches or marks.

Washable HEPA filtration

Helps to maintain a healthier home environment.



  • High Speed Dust Removal! 
  • Dust & Gone 
  • Hard floor nozzle 
  • Washable HEPA filtration 
  • Extra large 3lt Dust Container 
  • Turbo pet nozzle