Lab Test set for Water

Lab Test set for Water


Very accurate and trustworthy, it includes pollutants such as heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine or nitrites.

A lab test on water will allow you to understand the most accurate results of the pollutants existing in your water, including heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine, nitrites and others.

You may do a test to understand your living environment better or to check how well your water filters work. You can select the specific items that you are interested in to test on, or you can talk to our consultants and go for a package test.


The price is 800 rmb only for the sampling and a set test over pollutants including odor and smell, chlorine, total bacteria count, arsenic and lead.


Payment will be collected directly by the Lab. Sampling will take about 10 minutes for each water sample. The report will be issued out within 7 working days. Urgent assistance for getting the report quick is also achievable within 4 working days. The price will however be doubled.