Leakage Alarm and Controller

Leakage Alarm and Controller


Leakage alarm and controller are devices used together with the water filters to stop the system or send out reminding signals when any leakage occurs.

Imported from Taiwan with high sensitivity and installed in front of the water source for either a drinking water purifier, or a small water heater placed underneath the sink. When there is a leakage happening, it will work effectively by sending out alarming noise. It will also automatically shut down the water source. So no damage or financial loss will happen due to leak of water from the couplings or filters.


After leakage happens, we could come to do all the necessary assistance. To restore it, clients could also take the efforts to reset the leakage controller. Press the button accordingly for 5 seconds. The system will let the water go through again.


For whole house filter or water softeners, leakage controller could be used too. That will upmost protect the families from any potential leaking issues.