Stadler Oskar Little Humidifier

Stadler Oskar Little Humidifier

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Optimally moisten the air with low energy consumption.

The economical evaporator provides precise humidification due to his hygrostat. Oskar mechanically switches off once the tank is empty.

Excellent for bedrooms – the humidifier Oskar is silent and offers dimmable LEDs. The memo function reminds you to replace the filter. Featured as well is a fragrance dispenser to distribute your selection of scents!


  • Desired humidity can be selected
  • Suitable for aroma diffusion
  • Dimmable LED


Safety and Comfortability

Available in both black and white.

​Equipped with an automatic function that turns off the humidifier when the tank is empty – this product is excellent for bedrooms. The humidifier is silent and offers dimmable LEDS.

For not additional charge a memo function reminding you to replace the filter is built in, and accompanied by a fragrance dispenser to distribute your selection of scents.


Inspired Longevity

Keeping your home, office, or restaurant at the right level of humidity will make you, your family, employees, and customers look and feel better.


Stronger Foundations

Keeping the right level of humidity will see the foundation of your buildings deteriorate slower than ever before.