Rental Alatai Drinking Water Purifier

Rental Alatai Drinking Water Purifier


This is the rental alternative to the Alatai Drinking Water Purifier, for a price of 240RMB per month. Alatai purifies tap water through 6 stages of filtration and adds minerals through a post-mineralization to adjust PH balance and taste.


Product Alatai - 75 G - Rental
Price ¥240/month*
Maintenance Cost/Year Free
Size L380 x W150 x H400mm
Production/Day 289 L/D
Filtration Precision 0.0001 um
Power Usage 220v



For our Alatai Drinking Water Purifier rental, the cost is 240rmb/month on a one-year contract basis.

6 months rental will be collected at once, and 1000rmb is required as deposit.

The maintenance for every filter is FREE.



PP+ imported activated carbon+ imported reverse osmosis filter + patented re-mineralization filter + tank (6 stages of filtration)



Cleaner, tastier and healthier water, free of all pollutants , including heavy metals.

Removes virtually all impurities and then adds beneficial minerals to produce perfect clean and healthy drinking water that meets WHO standards. Features a second generation RO filter, comes with 3rd party testing reports and is very popular within international families.


Installation requirements:

Electricity supply required, under sink drainage setting needed, a hole at one corner of the kitchen sink needed.

You can benefit from our customization service in case of any particular requirement or need.


Suitable for:

Replacing bottled water or simply filtered water with directly re-mineralized purified drinking water; supplying purified water some ice maker in some refrigerators; supplying purified water for cooking and even flushing veggies and fruits.