Shower Water Softener

Shower Water Softener


Softens the water for a better shower experience.

Using resin and salt inside.

An adding of choice to the handheld shower filter, especially good to eliminate water smells or improve the effectiveness of the current shower filter.


A unique showering experience all year long

Day by day you will look and feel healthier after using clean water to take your shower. ClearFall filters are helping you to remove impurities and smell in your tap water and soften the water for a smoother experience.


Clean water with harmonious design

With the filters integrated into the handle, ClearFall filters the water in an invisible way and does not destroy the good look of your shower fittings.

Simple installation and maintenance makes it a perfect choice for your bathroom.



> Resin

Removes calcium and magnesium ions to soften water

> Salt

Prolongs the lifetime of resin and ensures the softening effectiveness.

Salt needs to be added every 2 weeks for 1 KG. Simple for users to do it themselves.


Drilling on the wall will be needed for hooking it up properly. Please get the landlord permission if you rent the place.