SodaKing is a soda maker which can be used to make sparkling (carbonated) water at home. Adding food-grade carbon dioxide into water through high pressure, SodaKing makes best-tasting seltzer by offering three different levels of bubbles, from lightly carbonated (standard) to super fizzy. With the SodaKing, you can DIY many safe and healthy drinks at home in seconds.

Safe and Healthy

The sparkling water is slightly alkaline and can neutralize the excessive acid in our body to reach the perfect balance. It helps to relieve summer heat and control appetites and curb hanger.


A Perfect Choice for Everyone

Sparkling water makes our body function better in many other aspects. It can increase consumption of fat, relieve constipation, and improve metabolism. It is suitable and good for people of all ages in the family.


Important Features

  • No electricity plug is required  

  • Simple to operate  

  • Fast and healthy  

  • Reusable and environmental friendly