Stainless Pipeline Water Dispenser (Small)

Stainless Pipeline Water Dispenser (Small)


Coupled together with a drinking water purifier, this dispenser can provide water to all who need it.

This new dispenser is able to heat large quantities of water faster than ever.

Used together with a drinking water purfiier.

Higher quality for plastic ones.

Heating water faster and more.


Size: (L)80*(W)55*(H)175cm


Disinfection function: UV disinfection


Instant heating: heat the water to boiling point in seconds


Voltage: 380V/12kw


Capacity: 800G(can be enlarged to 1000G)


Tank Volume: 100L


Water speed: hot water(2~3L/M); warm water(2~3L/M);cold water(2~3L/M)



  • Water Temp: drinking water with 4 different temperatures can be chosen
  • Intelligent control: auto power-on and shut-off, special setting for holidays, provisional operation, etc.
  • Button: stainless steel button, long lifespan, smart control with great convenience, water saving-no drip when turn off.
  • Faucet: faucet with buffer to decrease the pressure, splash proof, etc.
  • In-built water filter: big capacity(800G), great pollution removal ability, continuous supply of safe and clean drinking water.
  • Casing: high quality stainless steel, corrosion proof, scratch proof, etc.