UltraShower A

UltraShower A


The ideal showering partner, best for filtering chlorine and impurities in the bathroom!

The ultimate showering experience

UltraShower is the next level up. All of our previous shower filters do an excellent job of softening the water for your use, but UltraShower does a better job of softening water -- lab results say up to 70% of water hardness is reduced. This is all thanks to our added resin, which does a great job of capturing magnesium and calcium ions.


2 For the price of 1

Sensitive skin? UltraShower has resin and KDF on top of calcium sulfite and tourmaline. Tourmaline and resin are both water softeners. Combined, that means UltraShower produces significantly softer water as compared to our other products which only use tourmaline.



> Resin

Catches magnesium and calcium ions to make water softer


Removes chlorine, some heavy metals, and inhibits the growth of bacteria

> Tourmaline

Softens water to make it feel smoother

> Calcium Sulfite

Removes chlorine from water