VOC Treatment

VOC Treatment


25rmb/square meter.

Removal of VOCs is critical to control indoor air quality. Photocatalytic oxidation

has demonstrated feasibility to remove toxic VOCs and formaldehyde from indoor environments.

Procedure Guideline 

If you are interested in formaldehyde treatment, you may follow the procedures below to ensure highest effectiveness:

1. Do air tests prior to treatments to have a better understanding of the air quality first. There are three types of air tests you can do: 

  • Simple test via an air scanner. This will give you a rough idea on how your air quality is, but the result would not be very accurate.
  • Tests done by the professional companies who provide air solutions. Those entities might have better quality of equipments to perform the tests.
  • Laboratory tests by professionals. Contacting a professional lab to conduct a sophisticated lab test will allow you to get an accurate and comprehensive result on the air quality. 

2. Close all doors and windows for 3 hours before collecting the air samples. It is expected to take around 40 minutes.

3. When applying phtocatalyst, do remember to spray photocaralyst to all of the surfaces and corners of your furniture and walls. The process probably takes 2 hours to complete. Then close all doors and windows, allowing the reactions taking place and decomposing formaldehyde.

4. After 24 hours, open the doors and windows to let air circulate and remove the reaction products (carbon dioxides and water molecules). Then close again.

5. After another 24 hours, ventilate the space again. Repeat the process 2~3 times.

6. After 3~5 days, do another air test to check the air quality again. 

The cost of applying formaldehyde is 25rmb/m2 in the market, and Greenwave can provide our regular clients with a special offer at 20rmb/m2 (the area here is counted by the surface area of all furniture and walls that need to be treated).



​• Smell comes from different sources and therefore have different meaning. While it is indicated there are some problems linked to the VOCs, the real fact might be proven wrong. Test results should be the only valid reference.

​• For places with space less than 70m²,  the cost is ¥2,000 for the treatment. For places larger than 70m² but smaller than 150m², the cost is ¥30/m². However, ¥50/m² will be needed for seriously polluted places where formaldehyde concentration is higher than 0.5 mg/L.

•Ventilation is very important after the treatment to make sure the results are meeting expectations. For basements or storage places where ventilation is not possible, the use of big fans is recommended. Otherwise, a second treatment might be necessary.