WaterBaby Faucet Filter

WaterBaby Faucet Filter


Installed on bathroom or kitchen taps, this filter removes virtually all chlorine and creates softer water for cleaning.

Removes chlorine and large particles

The WaterBaby provides unparalleled faucet filtration for all your non-drinking water needs. Specific filters are helping you to remove impurities and smell in your tap water and soften the water for a smoother experience.


Multiple uses for bathroom or kitchen

Ideal for kitchen cleaning because the filtered water does not damage skin and dishes.

It is also perfect for bathroom use such as brushing teeth or washing hands.



Calcium, Tourmaline



Removes chlorine and large particles to protect your skin from the health effects caused by over chlorinated water, softens water to make it feel smoother.


Installation requirements:

No specific requirements.

You can benefit from our customization service in case of any particular requirement or need.



L100 xW80 x H120mm


Suitable for:

The taps in the kitchen, bathroom or bathtub, good for  kitchen cleaning, brushing teeth and washing hands.