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Water Solutions For Restaurants

Given that tap water in China is not clean enough for drinking and cooking, and bottled water is costly and leads to lots of logistic hassles, the water used in restaurants becomes a big concern for most of diners as well as restaurant owners.


Through Greenwave water solutions, restaurants are able to provide their customers with purified drinking water only for all drinks, ice, coffee and dishes in a cost-saving way. With Clean Water Restaurant (CWR) program, all can benefit from the use of purified water in restaurants, creating a better living environment with clean water everywhere!

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Restaurants are recommended to use Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems to provide drinking water. There are various models of RO systems in Greenwave with different outputs to meet different demands. The purified water can be connected to the bar sink taps, coffee machines, ice makers, water dispensers, cold dish areas and other places wherever it's needed.

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Advantages of Using Greenwave Water Solutions for Restaurants

  • Cost saving. This option can save up to 30% of average annual cost compared to bottled water.

  • Safer water. The purified water is with better taste, free of heavy metals, bacteria, sediments and smell. 

  • Less logistic hassle. No need to buy, store and replace the bottles any more, and get everything done at one time with one supplier.

  • Healthier brand image & more potential business. The restaurant will be certified as a member of Clean Water Restaurant and exposed to and supported by thousands of families using filters and caring about the quality of water used in food preparation.

  • Environmental friendly. This will help reduce plastic bottle use and pollutants emitted during the transportation of bottled water.


We usually conduct a site visit and propose solutions based on the actual condition and needs. You can benefit from our customization service in case of any particular requirement.

Contact us to know more details!
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