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Water Filtration


Gain more popularity among your customers by providing them with cleaner and healthier water!

No more bottles needed

Greenwave proposes different alternatives to provide your customers with the clean water they expect when going out.

Given that tap water in China is not clean enough for drinking and cooking, and bottled water is costly and requires continual investment, it is wise and worth while to have one commercial reverse osmosis drinking water system installed. 

It is both a cost-saving and quality-providing procedure, and the best thing is, you will benefit from our continuous support and exposure!

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Cleaner Food

Raise the stakes with our commercial solutions, created specifically for heavy water consumers!

Clean Water Restaurant


Clean Water Restaurant (CWR) is the label we give to our partners around China.

It is synonym of purified drinking water and no toxic ingredients for all foods and beverages.


Our continual maintenance services can reassure customers that their water will be held to a high standard.





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