Clean Water in Shanghai

November 29, 2016

Water filtration is a must in Shanghai.

Of course, we're all already drinking from bottles, sometimes flown in from European countries. But how about for washing and cleaning ourselves and our kids, as well as knowing what water is really used when we go to 'family-friendly' restaurants?

Washing our skin with soap and water isn’t enough to free the build-up of micro-particles because the water in Shanghai is also polluted.



China’s solution for water purification is to add plenty of chlorine, and then some. Chlorine levels in Shanghai are triple what is considered safe by the World Health Organization. Because of the pollution from factory emissions and pesticides from farms that have sunk into the ground, combined with natural elements from river sources, the water is laden with heavy metals. So, with no standard for chlorine levels combined with very hard water, you can imagine how unhealthy it is simply taking a shower or bathing.


Chlorine is bad for our skin because it strips it of natural oils and affects the PH balance, resulting in dryness and irritation. However, when taking a hot shower, not only are we bathing in water that has three times more chlorine than the average U.S. swimming pool, but we are also inhaling it. The chlorine in the steam, which is also being absorbed by our skin, enters directly into our bloodstream. And, the presence of heavy metals in the water makes it difficult for soap to dissolve the impurities on your skin or in your hair, meaning that micro-particles could still be there.



To cope with the problems, Greenwave has the solutions.

We sell shower, tap/faucet, laundry and other water filters that filter, clean and soften water. Moreover, we provide ongoing service to help to install, change and even remove your filters and install them in a new place, when you move home in Shanghai.


In addition, Greenwave recently launched the Clean Water Restaurant (CWR) program, with over 300 restaurant clients currently signed up. Never assume that a restaurant here uses good water for cooking, soups and even in coffee. CWR ensures that properly filtered water is used in all kitchen workings. Some of the restaurants with this system are Nest, Olivia’s Place, Holmatro, El Willy, Latina, Masala Art, Mi Tierra, Lapis Thai, and California Pizza Kitchen.


Go visit the CWR website to learn more!


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