Top 4 Water Filters Used Most In China

December 7, 2016

Water filters are crucial in improving the quality of tap water in a family. Statistics show that the top 4 filters used most in China are respectively shower filters, drinking water purifiers, faucet filters and laundry filters.



1. Shower filters


After moving here, a lot of families may experience different level of skin and hair problems. Opening some online forums, the threads attracting most attention must be related to complaints over these problems. There are a lot of factors that may lead to such issues like weather, stress, and water, etc. Among them, water would be the biggest concern. Most people get relief after using shower filters rather than going to doctors.


Skin and hair problems are probably mainly caused by the over chlorinated and hard water here, for the regulation over chlorine inside the water (concentration ≥ 0.05mg/L) is just opposite to most of the western countries. Such a regulation is for preventing the transmission of water borne diseases throughout the mass population. However, its excessive quantity in water costs many problems such as hair loss, hair brittles, itchy eyes, eczema and other problems.



To address the problem, some shower filters truly removing chlorine will be much needed, especially for more sensitive persons. Besides, products softening water will also make the whole shower experience much better. There are many types of shower filters on the market. Away from the claims of the suppliers, some common knowledge is that carbon ones are not recommended as carbon will lose lots of its function in hot water.

Greenwave's ClearFall and ShowerKing shower filters are very good ones that are fitted to handheld and non handheld shower fixtures (e.g. rain shower or wall-mounted shower) respectively. Using calcium sulfite and vitamine C as the filtering media can effectively remove chlorine from water, plus a patented mateiral that can greatly soften water and eliminate part of metals. Both products have been used and testified by thousands of families so far, and they are recommended a lot over the past.



2. Drinking water purifiers


It is a virtually common sense that tap water and boiled tap water are not that good for drinking. Different from the people who use drinking water purifiers as their first filtration product choice in other countries, the local Chinese and many expat families here did not value the purifiers that much in the past (bottled water might bring more confidence). However, the good sign is that more and more families get to know the condition of tap water, the problems of bottled water, and the reliability of direct drinking water generated from purifiers.


There are enough scandals about the sources for bottled water. All processes like bottling, transportation and storage may lead to secondary pollution. Plus inconvenience during use of the bottled water for cooking, bottled water does not make a much satisfying choice like a good drinking water purifier, which produces water in front of the eyes, delivers fresh water, and can be used much conveniently.  



Quite a few kinds of drinking water purifiers on the market are based on the core components' technologies, including carbon absorption, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis and ionization. Among all, reverse osmosis is what we mainly recommend (actually the only one). It's the technology developed by NASA and used for producing bottled water which helps to deliver the cleanest water. In a world full of confusing and misleading info for the purifiers, it is important to have a sharp eye to get the most trustworthy choice.

Greenwave runs 3 types of drinking water purifiers based on reverse osmosis technology. They are Alatai, Betta and Clavo. Alatai and Betta are for residential use, while Clavo is for restaurants and other commercial uses. Among them, Alatai is the one used most within the communities. It, with 6 stages of filtration, removes all impurities including the heavy metals first and then brings back some minerals through post filters as well as polishes the water taste. Some 3rd party (e.g. Pony Lab) testing reports also show that the purified water is totally clean & healthy for drinking and even better than some branded bottled waters.



3. Faucet water filters


When brushing teeth, cleaning hands and faces, or bathing the babies, the smell, strange taste and the potential contaminants like heavy metals as well as dry skin caused by the water are a concern for many families. To get such problems properly addressed, some faucet filters should be used.

Again these using carbon are not that helpful. Some others using materials removing chlorine, part of the metals and softening the water will be what's truly needed. Greenwave's WaterBaby faucet filter is just one of the products of that kind. It could be installed on bathroom sink taps or bathtub taps, even the kitchen taps.



Unlike shower filters, installation of faucet ones is often with problems. There are so many (up to 30%) taps with irregular sizes or shapes in the market. For these taps, there is no way to do installation except using custom made adapters or new taps. Greenwave is specialized at this and has dealt with customization for years. No matter what kind of size or shape the irregular tap is with, Greenwave can always provide the correspondent solution.



4. Two stage filters for laundry (or dishwashers)


You would probably find that clothes are discolored much easily here in a short period of time, and underwear would always be hard instead of being soft if clothing softener is not used. Also, the dishes taken out from dishwasher are sometimes with a certain kind of strange smell. In the areas with old buildings and pipes, a fine layer of sediments might be attached to the cleaned dishes. All these are related to the water used.



Some filters like the 2 stage system that Greenwave provides are just what is needed. With the use of spun fiber, carbon and resin, chlorine, water rust and some big sized particles will be removed. Clothes will be softer and can be used for a longer time, and dishes will be cleaner with no sediments and free of strange smells. Small investment for a lot of obvious results!




Though tap water is generally safe, it's still necessary for new families here to use water filters for cleaner water like those who have been living here for some time already. Based on the different purposes for making water good for drinking, cleaning veggies and fruits, shower or laundry, and so on, a series of products with customized solutions could be used to fulfill the needs.

At the meantime, considering the functions, price and quality of water filters might not be enough to make the best decision on choosing the right filters for your family. Unlike other commercial goods, water filters are not one-time selling and buying products; the service that a water filtration company provides is extremely important too, which we will be discussing more in the next article.

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