A Comparison between Alatai and other branded Drinking Water Purifiers

December 7, 2016

Six stages are involved in the whole filtration system including activated carbon filtration in the second, third and sixth stage, PP filtration in the first stage, reverse osmosis system in the forth stage as well as mineralization filters in the fifth stage. The water treated by the Alatai drinking water purifier will be free of any impurities except beneficial minerals and trace elements. It is used to deliver clean and healthy water for both cooking and drinking and keep your whole family free from any water-born diseases.




About the filtration materials used

Activated carbon-activated carbon can be categorized into different groups, such as AC made of charcoal, AC of coconut shell as well as AC of almond. The AC made of coconut shell has the highest performance in removing the impurities in water. The AC imported from Malaysia is among the best quality and has the highest effectiveness in water filtration. In regards to the shape and form, AC can be classified into granular AC, powered AC, extruded AC, bead AC, impregnated AC and many others. The activated carbon that we use in this filtration system is the coconut shell AC imported from Malaysia, which, we can honestly recommend is better than over 80 per cent of the AC currently available in the marketplace.



About the reverse osmosis system

The reverse osmosis system was originally developed by NASA in the United States to allow astronauts to recycle their drinking water in outer space. Now this technology is widely used for water filtration in many households. As a result, the RO system from the US is among the worlds best in terms of both quality and effectiveness. GE and DOW Chemical are the world’s two top suppliers of RO membranes, however GE has recently been acquired by another company and has therefore turned its focus on the commercial market only. Therefore, the RO membrane from DOW Chemical is presently the best available membrane and this is the reason that it is used in our products.



About mineralization filters

Mineralization filters are used to re-mineralize the filtered water, or in other words add beneficial minerals back into the water in order to make it healthier and improve the taste, as water treated by the RO system is essentially free from any impurities. Many different mineralization filters are available in the market in China but their quality may vary quite a lot. The mineralization filter we use in the system is the only one that has received patent approval, meaning it will not pose any adverse health effects and has been rigorously tested to ensure that is it a safe and effective product.



The plastics used in the outer coating

There are a lot of similar products which may look fancier or more pleasing to the eyes than ours because of the different materials that are used in the outer covering. However, we value the quality and effectiveness of our products far greater than their external appearance. The plastic used in the Alatai drinking water purifier is made of 100% imported food-grade PP virgin plastic, which is free of BPA. So there will be no worries about any health effects caused by the materials.



Third-party Test

We fully understand that some of you may have no confidence about the quality and effects of our products and may wonder if they will really help to remove the harmful materials in your water. Of course, we can test the water quality before and after the filter is installed for you and you can be shown the differences immediately. However, we know there will be those who have doubts about the authenticity of our own water tests considering we have installed the products and conducted the testing ourselves. This has been a concern among some of our existing customers and last year, one of our customers asked to have their water filtered by our system to be sent to the Pony Lab for testing. These tests revealed that the customer’s water met FDA standards set for drinking water in the United States.



Widely recommended in expat families

Our solutions are widely used by many expats and recommended by a variety of expat associations and groups. These groups of people, which include many executives from Top 500 companies, often have higher standards for water quality and their feedback has shown that our products are very effective in eliminating many of the health issues that arise due to the low quality of Shanghai’s water, such as dry hair, rough and itchy skin, irritated eyes and a host of others.

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