A Guide for Shower Filter

December 7, 2016

When taking a shower or a bath, Chlorine is the biggest concern for you to consider as it can be absorbed by skin and cause a lot of problem to your body. Maybe you haven’t been enough aware of it yet, the following questions will test whether you suffered this kind of problem or not.

 Drier or rougher skin? 
 Brittle or matte hair? 
 Irritated eyes after a bathing or showering? 
 Difficulty breathing during shower? 

If your answer is YES, the signs are actually telling you that your body is reacting to the Chlorine in tap water. No worry, the shower filters from Greenwave can greatly help you to solve it, which including Clearfall and Showerking. 


There might be a lot of questions coming into your mind. Why should I trust you? How does the filter work? What makes them different from other filters? Next, I’ll make a comparison between our filters and other filters on market, and list the things that make our filters special. 

There are various kinds of shower filters on market. Some are provided with KDF inside filters and some are Active carbon inside filters. For KDF (Copper and Zinc alloy), its filtration effectiveness greatly depends on its purity. Generally speaking, the best KDF is from American. Of course, its price is rather high. Most of the KDF used domestic market is of low price and purity, so its quality to remove Chlorine is really poor. For Active carbon filters, it can only remove the impurities larger than 0.2um by the way of absorption. However, its absorption effectiveness is quite affected by water temperature. Over high or over low water temperature will lead to poor filtration result. 


For comparison, we can give you a brief introduction of the filters in our company.

The Clearfall filter is mainly composed of Vitamin C and Tourmaline. Vitamin C is good at removing Chlorine contained in water by reacting with it. Besides, it is famous for its strong effectiveness of skin beauty. In addition, the tourmaline contained has the ability to cut water molecular cluster, release negative ions and increase dissolved oxygen in water, achieving the result of soften water. It can easily solve your problems of dry hair, hair loss and allergic skin.



As for Showerking, the main materials used in it are imported calcium sulfite and tourmaline. Calcium sulfite is featured with the advantages of high efficiency, high temperature resistance and no generating of bacteria. It is designed to effectively remove the Chlorine in water and adjust PH value. Its performance is much better than most similar products. With softened water, more oxygen will be dissolved, which will make sure of enough oxygen supply even in the hot airtight small shower space. And the softened water will make the required shampoo or soap to dissolve quickly and save the redundant, so that less will be used. Less is good. Combined with the disinfecting and deodorizing properties of the functional materials, the resulting shower water is clean and fresh.


Furthermore, you can be assured that we are a responsible company and we try our best to help our customers. The services we provide are ranging from renting, selling and rent-buy to after-sales maintenance and reminder for maintenance.


Don’t hesitate any more, just send us an E-mail or give us a call to order one for your healthy shower water environment. 

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