A Glance at Clean Water Restaurants

December 8, 2016

CWRs stands for clean water restaurants which refers to the restaurants that use purified drinking water for food and beverage production, including ice-making, coffee brewing, other beverages production, food preparation and cooking. When dining in a CWR, customers can rest assured that their food and beverages are made by only the cleanest filtered water.


Clean water restaurants use a reverse-osmosis-based purification system. Water filtered with a reverse osmosis system is free of contaminants, pollutants, and heavy metals unlike tap water and systems which use a simpler filtration system. When dining in these restaurants, guests will feel healthier, more comfortable and dependent because of the assurance of clean water, while restaurants can attract more guests with the certification of clean water and tastier, healthier food.




I. Why CWRs


Greenwave has been supplying clean water and air solutions for families and corporations in China since 2010. With our years of efforts and experience in this challenging industry, we have developed an abundant and reliable series of products and materials to battle against air and water pollution. How did we get the idea of CWRs? One of our residential clients, Claire, who was using our drinking water solution at home talked to our General Manager:"David, it would be great if you could provide water solutions to the restaurants I love, so I'll have nothing to worry about when dining out." David realized that other people might also have the concern about the quality of water being used in their favorite restaurant. Encouraged and inspired by our customer’s appreciation and hope, Greenwave launched the Clean Water Restaurants project. Besides bringing clean water to as many families as we can, our mission also lies in supporting restaurants, offices and other places to use purified water for all needs.





II. Products for CWRs


We have different water solutions with different types of filters. RO filters are for drinking and cooking, shower filters for cleanliness, faucet filters for teeth brushing and face washing, laundry filters for dish washers and washing machines. The purifiers we install for the restaurants are modified based on the on-site evaluation (number of spot clean water is needed, daily water consumption, water consumption in peak hours, etc), which means that every system we provide is unique and can meet the requirements of every individual restaurant. Greenwave prides itself on promising that wherever you need your clean water, regardless of machine or use, we will try out best to deliver it.




III. Benefits


For our residential clients we created CWR (Clean Water Restaurant), a platform where you can find a list of restaurants which use Greenwave’s clean water products, access to the list also includes potential exclusive promotions and special deals.


For restaurants in cooperation, you can get a lot of benefits from this program too.


We created CWR, a platform where you can find a list of clean water restaurants in town, access to the list also includes potential exclusive promotions and special deals.


Cost Cutting

Unlike other companies that simply combine different filtration mediaGreenwave has a complete modified filtration system.This ensures maximum potency but the minimum cost. Compared to bottled water, our solution is more cost-effective in the long run. According to our CWR clients who used bottled water or simple filter machines previously,Greenwave’s RO filtration system saved them approximately 30% compared to older systems.


Easy Management 

Bottled water has the appearance that it ensures restaurants a safe water supply,however there is still problems.Bottled water should be ordered beforehand; inventory needs to be checked regularly so there isn’t a sudden shortage, and storage of so much water can be a problem. Our solutions make these problems disappear.

Greenwave also provides the following after-sales service:

  • Routine maintenance and filter replacement to ensure proper function of the products.

  • Regular water testing service to ensure the water quality.

  • Emergency service at the first time.


Higher Quality Products

Greenwave uses reverse osmosis systems to remove all the pollutants in tap water, in particular: viruses and heavy metals. Reverse osmosis ensures the water is very clean and safe when it is consumed or used. The purified water has better taste, no smell, and no sediments. This increases the life of ice makers and coffee machines because they do not need to be as regularly cleaned.



By using the RO filtration system, restaurants have no need to use expensive imported bottled water any more, which is a major positive for the environment.




IV. Existing CWRs 


Many Western restaurants, hotpot restaurants, Indian restaurants, Thailand restaurants, bakeries, cafés, offices and more have become our clients.




V. Our Goal


In the coming years Greenwave will continue to put maximum efforts in to helping more people and restaurants have access to clean water in China.



For more detailed info about the CWRs, please scan the QR code above to follow the CWR's official wechat.

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