Spring Water in China: sufficiently good?

June 8, 2018

Spring is finally upon us, with its burgeoning flowers and more clement weather. The English language can be facetious enough, with spring corresponding both to the season of renaissance and a natural underground phenomenon. This presents an ideal opportunity to learn more about what is known as “spring water”.




Issued from a natural spring, “any natural situation where water flows from an aquifer to the Earth's surface”, spring water contains a high concentration of minerals and is a quite popular source of water in developed countries.

It is usually not filtered and is considered more natural than many other alternatives, explaining its popularity. This type of water comes from below the surface, some underground water source, and will be therefore unspoiled by modern filtration techniques. It will keep a refreshingly natural taste by comparison with its bottled counterparts.




It is important to explain the difference between mineral water and spring water. Both are harvested from the hydrosphere, but mineral water contains a much higher dose of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). To have such a high value of TDS can be quite harmful for health, which is why people will prefer spring water, both for its natural taste and its lower mineral content.

The main issue with spring water in China is both the unclear distinction between spring and mineral waters presented to consumers, and the relative lack of regulations with some of the brands available.




At Greenwave, we highly recommend purified water rather than spring water.

First, in terms of costs, to buy spring water bottles is much more expensive on the long term than benefiting from purified water directly from the kitchen’s tap.

Second, in terms of content, the reverse osmosis system is considered the best one for eliminating undesired particles unhealthy for the human body. You can be assured that a purified water will be more beneficial to your body than a bottle of spring water coming from an unsure location.

Finally, for people expecting to get some minerals in the water they drink, we propose an effective alternative in the form of our patented re-mineralization system, which refills the filtered water with healthy minerals.




To conclude this article, we can definitely say that spring water can be a good choice for drinking, but is still bested by the purified water alternative.

We can now wish you a happy spring season, which we hope will be filled with new accomplishments and fulfilling events!

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