Protect Your Skin & Hair With A Water Filter 保护皮肤和头发,您需要一个沐浴器!

August 20, 2018

A new China expat must struggle hard to acclimatize to his surroundings, especially when his whole family is absolutely new to a city like Beijing or Shanghai. Of all the challenges they might encounter, the skin and hair problems might be one of the inevitable obstacles that prevent them feeling 100 percent at home in the newly adopted city.



Skin problems: 皮肤问题



Eczema 湿疹

  • Symptoms: the skin becomes red, itchy, inflamed, often showing up in cheeks and on the back of the knee. 症状:皮肤变红、发痒、发炎,通常出现在脸颊和膝盖后面。

  • Causes: A combination of genes and environmental trigger (water and air pollution)[1]. 可能的原因:遗传基因,环境触发(水和空气污染)。



Hot Flush 热潮红

  • Symptoms: cheek and nose bluishness, problem of elasticity. 症状:脸颊和鼻子发红,皮肤没有弹性。

  • Causes: expansion of blood vessel, expansion of capillary, environmental trigger [2]. 可能的原因:血管扩张,毛细血管扩张,环境触发。


Red blood skin 红血丝

  • Symptoms: sensitive to outside stimuli and the face can be easily turned red. 症状:对外界刺激敏感,脸容易变红。

  • Causes: fragile and thin cell and more sensitive to environment change [3]. 可能的原因:脆弱而薄的细胞,对环境变化更敏感。

Hair problems: 头发问题



Split end 分叉

  • Symptoms: the scalp skin may appear separate, but are actually split end because the hair grows from beneath the skin. 症状:头皮问题导致发稍分叉。

  • Causes: damage scalp and skin layer, environmental trigger (shampoo or water quality)[4]. 可能的原因:头皮层损伤,环境触发(洗发水或水质)。



Hair loss 掉发

  • Symptoms: loss of hair from part of the head or body. 症状:头部和身体掉发。

  • Causes: psychological distress, a combination of genetics and outside environmental issue (shampoo and water quality)[5]. 可能的原因:心理疾病,基因遗传,外界环境问题触发(洗发水和水质)。


Hair dry 干发


  • Symptoms: hair looks dull and brittle, weak moisture, easy to break; 症状:头发看上去晦暗易脆,干燥,易折断。

  • Causes: a combination of genetics and outside environmental issue (e.g. water quality), unhealthy habits [6]. 可能的原因:遗传基因和外界环境问题(洗发水和水质),不健康的习惯。

  • Living with the above skin and hair problems can be an ongoing challenge. It is clear to be seen that of all the causes that result in the trouble, water pollution is one of the most controllable issue. 对很多人来说,上述皮肤和头发问题可能会一直存在。当然也很明显,在众多原因中,水是非常重要的一个。


Common solutions for skin or hair problems



Facing the skin or hair problems, some go to doctors for consultation or meditation. Some choose different shampoo or vinegar for help. Either of these will relieve the problems to some extent. The more people in the market will choose to use a shower filter, which turns to be a good choice for most of the people with such problems. However, not all shower filters will work the same. The following is a list of shower filters using different components.



Different shower filters 不同的沐浴过滤器





Greenwave Solution Greenwave解决方案


Greenwave uses the combination of Calcium sulfite + Tourmaline ( as well as permanent magnets ) for our shower filter products ( ClearFall handheld shower filter and ShoweKing rain shower filter ). They have been widely used by the international families and high-end locals in China, with higher satisfaction recommendation rate.




Greenwave shower filters are not just working effectively. They are designed to bring users incompatible shower experiences. The ClearFall handheld shower filter is with bigger and multi functional shower spray. Users could have different modes when in use. Besides, the water pressure through the filter will be much stronger. The ShowerKing rain shower filter has its advantages too. It will indicate when the filter is dirty while the filter will not become dirty so quickly that users need to change it often unnecessarily.




Customized adapters and services  定制配件与个性化服务


Customized adapters might be needed. Users will find not all shower filters could be installed for their homes. In the past 8 years, Greenwave realizes up to 5% of the users will need to use custom-made adaptors to ensure successful installation of the shower filters. When such thing happens, the aerators will be needed to send to the factory for customized adapters. 




Customer service is the last but not the least. Not all companies will stay stable.Better to choose some companies staying longer and providing good customer service. That will help you with nothing to worry about after using the shower filters.




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