Preorder Or Exchange Your ClearFallX Shower Filter | 预定/更换最新沐浴净水器

August 29, 2019



                GREENWAVE 新三代ClearFallX手持沐浴净水器即将上市!             




At Greenwave, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of our water filters and using experiences for clients. That guides us to upgrade our filters time by time and enrich our product line. 




Previous Handheld Shower Filters


The new ClearFall shower filter was released on August 2017 last time. The wide use of it within communities later on pleased us but did not stop us from pursuing further improvement of the shower filters. 




With all efforts made, we are now pleased to have a new version of handheld shower filter ClearFallx.






ClearFallX is the 3rd generation handheld shower filter for Greenwave. Comparing to the previous choices, ClearFallX is with big pressure and other advantages like being less possible to clog up and much easier to maintain. The using experience will be enhanced a lot.




In addition, this new version filter is equipped with a filter change indicator, which helps users easily understand the need to change filter by the color change!





Comparison of the Shower Filters







We have been serving the communities for over 9 years and have mature service team and a wide range of choices meeting different needs.




Our products have been used by thousands of users like you and proven to be helpful. 





 Positive Customer Feedback               

Positive Testing Results From Laboratory               


We care your needs for service. Instead of delivering them simply, we will reply to your questions in your language, do installation remind you for the filter change and come to change the filters as well as moving them when needed.




The products will be upgraded every 2-3 years. You will get free exchange by choosing Greenwave (a filter replacement cost will be needed when doing exchange.)








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