20~50% Off Air Purifiers, Replacements & Masks | 5~8折购空气净化器、滤芯与口罩

September 12, 2019


The air quality in Beijing and Shanghai has been improved a lot over the years. However, there still will be hard-to-avoid days with air pollution, especially in Winter. The issues like PM2.5 and VOCs are still concerning a lot of people for the health influence. 




To help everyone get prepared for the coming pollution season, we'd like to launch this special promotion on renouned air purifiers, replacement filters for Blueair, Medic, Xiaomi and IQAir, face masks and so on. We will also give up to 10% of your payment back in vouchers or other things you like if you are in Shanghai or Beijing.








   20% Off 八折优惠  


for buying new Blueair purifiers

购买Blueair全新空气净化器 八折优惠


   50% Off 五折优惠  


for buying second hand Blueair purifiers

购买Blueair二手空气净化器 五折优惠



   20% Off 八折优惠  


for Blueair filter replacement.

Blueair所有滤芯 八折优惠



 Authorization from Blueair 来自Blueair的品牌授权


  Medic Filter                                                                                          



   20% Off 八折优惠  


for buying Medic purifiers

购买Medic全新空气净化器 八折优惠


   20% Off 八折优惠  


for Medic filter replacements

Medic所有滤芯 八折优惠





   10% Off 九折优惠  


IQAir filter replacements

IQAIR所有滤芯 九折优惠



  AQblue & Cambridge                                                                           

   20% Off 八折优惠  


for AQblue & Cambridge masks

两种口罩 八折优惠


  Xiao Mi & more                                                                                    



Filter replacement and maintenance services are provided for XiaoMi and other branded air purifiers


Besides these big discounts offered,

50rmb deduction will be given 

if you post this promotion in your moments

and pay attention to the following:


1. Your post of this promotion has to be open to to everyone (no blocking)

2. You can not deleted your post until 3 days after

3. Screenshot your post after 3 days since posting to us.







1. 转发需对所有人可见(不可分组或屏蔽任何人)

 2. 转发活动需不可立即删除需至少保留3天。

3. 转发活动3天后,截图发给我们。


Special offers also available for 

Greenwave drinking water purifiers,

shower water filters, faucet water filters,

laundry water filters and so on. 


Please contact us if interested!









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