Change To ClearFallX Shower Filter With ¥168+ | 168元起换新沐浴净水器

October 11, 2019




The 6 Highlights 六大优势


1. Higher chlorine removal rate with the long cylinder filter



2. Higher water pressure with enough water volume

更大水压 更多水量 更好体验


3. Better chrome with up to 200 hours anti-corrosion test



4. Unique performance with permanent magnents and quality Toumaline



5. Optimized shower head for easier maintenance and bigger spray



6. Sediment filtration for noticeable differences and filter change indication








Detailed special price is:



¥168, 83% off for users of our previous ClearFall



¥168, 53% off for users of ShowerBaby or filters of brands such as Aquasana, Toray Vino, 3M, Paragon

468元,4.7折,若你有ShowerBaby或其它知名品牌沐浴器,如3M、Toray Vino、Aquasana、Paragon等


¥848.30 , 15% off for first time shower filter buyers before October 31st

848.30元,85折, 若你是首次使用沐浴器(10月31号之前)








ClearFallX shower filter ensures cleaner and softer water in bigger water pressure for better shower experiences with no chlorine, chloramines and less other impurities including metals. 




Say goodbye to the harsh, chemical treated water. No more brittle hair, hair loss, dry or itchy skin! If you have never used a filter before, trust us-the difference is noticeable!









1.  ¥50 deduction if sharing it on on your WeChat moment or any WeChat group with 200+ members. 



2.  An utmost ¥150 could be deducted for each one If sharing it on moment and within 2+ groups. 







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