What To Know About Different Water Filters | 家庭需要了解的净水方案与产品

January 10, 2020



Tap water in China is not recommended to drink as it contains lots of chlorine, metals, and other impurities. Even for cleaning, it won’t make a good choice either without proper filtration.





You might find that... 您可能也发现:


Water is sometimes rusty, strong smelling.



Hair is brittle and losing volume, while skin gets dry and itchy.



A lot of stain marks on your taps and glasses.



Boilers' bottoms are filled with sediments, deteriorating the boiled water taste.




To solve the problems and provide cleaner water for families, Greenwave provides an extensive line of filters and services since March 2010. Over the past 10 years, a total of 13,000 users have been using our services in 27 cities of China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Most of them are from different embassies, consulates, international schools, local governments and fortune 500 companies. Among these, Irish Embassy, British council and Nike and some other international companies under NDA are hiring Greenwave for standard cleaner water services for their management team members. 




If you want to know more about the different options and see what filters are suitable for your needs, the following categorized contents should be very helpful. 









POE & POU  中央净水和分点净水



There are two main ways to filter the water for a living place -- putting a big system (maybe with multi pieces) on the main water pipe to filter all the water used in the house, called Point Of Entry (POE) solution, or installing individual filters at different water use points to filter water at that specific area only, named Point Of Use (POU) solution.





POE: all water used in the house is filtered by a central system or a set of systems at the water entry point


POU: water used at different points is filtered by separate filters




   Whole House Purifier & Softener




For the POE solutions, two kinds of products are usually needed -- whole house water filter and whole house water softener. They do not have to be installed together but users are suggested to do so, for these two products can remove different pollutants and the functions are complementary to each other. 





Whole house water filter 中央净水器


Efficiently removes large particles such as sands, rusts and sediments, chlorine, odors, pesticide, and part of metals; more needed if just considering one product. Small model available for small sized hourse or apartments with low prices.






Whole house water filter 中央净水器


Efficiently removes large particles such as sands, rusts and sediments, chlorine, odors, pesticide, and part of metals; more needed if just considering one product. Small model available for small sized hourse or apartments with low prices.




The filtered water through either the whole house filter or central water softener will be suggested for cleaning purposes only. It will help protect your skin and hair, however is not recommended to be used for drinking/cooking directly.







    3-Stage Water Filter 三级净水器


To install the POE solution, certain conditions should be met such as space availability, drainage setting, electricity supply, and even some damage. Not every household will be able to meet such conditions, besides the big investment. In that case, POU solutions could be considered.




3-stage water filter for whole house use



Removing large particles such as rust, sand and sediments, while also eliminating chlorine, odors and pesticides, it ensures the rest of your in-house filters will get a longer lifespan. It is a more cost and space-effective solution than the previous whole-house filters.






   Drinking Water Solutions  直饮水方案


Instead of purifying all water used in the house, some people might just look for solutions to purify the tap water for drinking purpose. We hold drinking and cooking water quality to the same standard, for water going into our body should be the cleanest and safest one. This is the priority of Greenwave residential drinking water solutions.




In order to make the water free of heavy metals and all other pollutants, reverse osmosis (RO) filter is the core component of our drinking water purifiers. RO is a kind of filtration technology that takes away over 99% of measurable pollutants, making the tap water completely safe for every member of the family. Since we want to make this system easily available to people, we offer a renting alternative, with a special promotion including a free shower filter and restaurants vouchers: this is the ideal way to get purified water for the whole duration of your stay in China!





Other service providers might promote other systems such as carbon filters, ionizers or ultra filtration systems, which also improve water quality. However, since we aim to deliver the utmost clean water, we only recommend RO systems here.




Greenwave drinking water purifiers



Installed underneath the kitchen sink, the purified water is supplied from a new separate faucet on the sink. It can also be connected to a refrigerator, ice maker or coffee machine.




Customized solutions are available to satisfy any special requirement. For example, if there is no hole available on the counter or if the latter cannot be drilled to install the small faucet, a dual faucet could be provided to allow the system to be used and avoid any damage. If the valves are irregularly sized or the kitchen floor is wooden, some customized adapters or water leakage alarms could be used. If hot, cool drinking water or soda water is needed, an instant water heater or water chiller can be installed together with the system, or a pipeline water dispenser can be added as well as the soda machine.






   Shower Water Solutions



Chlorine and water hardness are the main reasons for skin and hair problems. The issues are especially prominent for new coming expatriates. Greenwave shower water solutions can be applied in different scenarios and their efficiency has been testified by thousands of families over the past few years. The result will be a much cleaner and softer filtered water than the original tap water.




ClearFallX shower filter 手持花洒过滤器


Used to replace your original handheld shower or bathtub shower to effectively remove the residual chlorine from tap water, soften water and increase the negative ions content, giving you a fresher shower experience.




ShowerKing shower filter  沐浴净水器


Can be installed for any rain shower or wall mounted shower to soften the water while removing chlorine and part of metals.





(2 models两种型号)


Can be used separately or alone with either ShowerKing or ClearFallX shower filters to treat the shower water to a higher level; it is especially needed for people encountering serious skin problems or to eliminate metallic smell in the tap water.




Customization services are available for any special need or irregular shower fittings.




   Faucet Water Solutions 龙头净水方案


Clean water from faucets plays an important role in our life as it has influence on food safety as well as skin care and other aspects. Filters are strongly recommended for kitchen and bathroom faucets to remove the harmful elements from water and create softer and safer water for cleaning.




Ozone water purifier  超氧解毒机


Installed on the kitchen tap to remove residual pesticide and disinfect fruits and veggies without any byproduct, a much easier way than traditional solvents such as vinegar, salt, baking soda and veggie cleaner. Since the product requires water pressure and no usage of hot water, it might cause some issues for users selecting it.





Notes: a customized adapter or even a new tap might be needed for some special taps with bigger/smaller baffler or with hoses inside. Better to check with the service provider before making any investment.




   Laundry/Dishwasher Water Solution



A common problem of the water used for washing clothes is that clothes become yellow or hard after wash. Similarly, some people find that their tableware is left with fine particles or smells after wash. The issues are mostly caused by the sediments and chlorine in the tap water, so some functional filters are needed to address the problems.















Dishwasher/Laundry filter 洗碗机、洗碗机净水器


> Effectively removes dirt, rusts, fine sands and odors from water, generating cleaner water for washing dishes.



> Effectively removes large particles to make sure your clothes stay untainted by water pollutants.



Not many companies have the same solutions and products, and very few have customized solutions which can meet different needs (according to our experience, over 30% of the families have irregular taps, showers or special kitchen sinks). If you consider convenience and customized solutions, Greenwave will be your ideal choice. Nevertheless, it would  be good to have some professional companies to do an onsite check before making any purchase. 





      Other solutions Greenwave offers 



Water solutions for commercial venues: offices, restaurants, fitness centers, schools, etc.



Air solutions for indoor environment: air purifiers, VOC treatment, (de-)humidifiers.



Air solutions for outdoor environment: face masks, vehicle air purifiers.



Water & Air laboratory testing services.




      Reasons users choose Greenwave 



Easy communication: We speak both English and Chinese.



Professional and experienced:  We have dealt with lots of complex cases.



A wide range of products:  Meeting every need and budget for families, restaurants, offices, hotels, etc.



Customized solutions: Customized filters, taps and adaptors are available for special fittings.



Constant support: We remind you, service your systems regularly and provide moving support.



Cities coverage: We operate all over China, so feel free to contact us if you have needs.




      Free testing and consultation service 



FREE on-site consultation service.



FREE water and air testing service.



Renting service is available for some of the products.




If you have any need for Greenwave filters or services, or to know more about the differences between Greenwave options and other branded products, please do not hesitate to contact us through wechat (ID: Greenwave666) or to call us at 13621935343 for an appointment. Our professional English speaking service team will come and help you out!








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