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Testing Service

Testing your water and air quality is a good way to know how you can improve it.

Lucky for you, we provide this service for free!

Free Testing Service


​Greenwave conducts three types of tests:

Chlorine test: 

Through color reaction, this simplified method allows to know whether the water contains too much chlorine within a few minutes.

TDS test: 

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. For this method, a TDS meter is used to determine the amount of pollutants in the water.

Air scanner: 

A portable equipment to test the level of PM2.5 and PM0.3 in the indoor environment. It can also be used to test how effective your air purifier works.

Without Chlorine

With Chlorine

Chlorine test subjects.jpg
For-Fee Laboratory Service


​Laboratory tests will give you much more information than simple ones, giving you the precise quantity of each tested pollutants.

These tests are however more time-consuming and costly, but allow for more accurate results.​





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