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25rmb/square meter.

Removal of VOCs is critical to control indoor air quality. Photocatalytic oxidation can remove toxic VOCs from indoor environments.

Procedure Guideline

If you are interested in VOC treatment, the following procedures are what you need to know:

1. Please cooperate to close all windows and doors for 24 hours before the formaldehyde and TVOC tests, as well as the overall implementation for the VOCs treatment. Please also store your electronic devices, books  and products made with fabrics properly, to avoid any potential damage caused by the dampness if you moved in already.


2. Formaldehyde and TVOC tests will be done before and after VOCs treatment without extra cost. Comparing the results before and after the treatment, you will clearly know how effective the treatment is. The test is completed within 40~60 minutes. After the tests, the VOCs treatment will be done within 2 hours.

3. Doors and windows are recommended to be closed for 12 hours in summer and up to 48 hours in winter after the treatment, to leave enough reaction time between the functional materials and materials containing VOCs. Doors and windows opening for ventilation will be necessary for the whole week.


4. Post treatment testing over formaldehyde / TVOCs, floor wiping, wooden furniture cleaning will be necessary after one week before moving in. Testing will be done by us, you will be responsible for the whole cleaning process.  


• Smell comes from different sources and therefore have different meaning. While it is indicated there are some problems linked to the VOCs, the real fact might be proven wrong. Test results should be the only valid reference.

• For places with space less than 70m²,  the cost is ¥2,000 for the treatment. For places larger than 70m² but smaller than 150m², the cost is ¥30/m². However, ¥50/m² will be needed for seriously polluted places where formaldehyde concentration is higher than 0.5 mg/L.


•Ventilation is very important after the treatment to make sure the results are meeting expectations. For basements or storage places where ventilation is not possible, the use of big fans is recommended. Otherwise, a second treatment might be necessary.


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