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Cleaner Water & Healthier Food When Dining Out


Clean Water Restaurant


Clean Water Restaurant (CWR) stands for venues around China using only purified drinking water for all their food and beverage production.

When visiting a CWR venue, the consumers are assured that the water is purified and doesn’t contain toxic ingredients. 

3 Things You Should Know About A CWR Member

1. The water used in the CWRs are up to the highest standards of clean water, such as FDA’s (Food and Drugs Administration).

2. The water is purified and doesn’t contain heavy metals or other nasty impurities.

3. It’s a huge improvement of the taste, the smell, and quality over simply filtered or bottled water.

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How To Find the CWRs in town?

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Scan the WeChat Mini-Program QR code below for all the Clean Water Restaurant members and their vouchers!

A Selection of CWR Members

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