Regular Service

Selling products is not our main priority.

We first and foremost want to help you live in a cleaner environment!

​Free On-Site Consultation


We usually provide a free on-site consultation service at the beginning, so you can talk to us face-to-face about your concerns.

An English-speaking filtration specialist and an experienced technician will visit your house together, check on the feasibility of installation, and give you specific solutions that suit you most according to your actual condition.

All information is shared in an open minded and honest way. 

Regular Reminder & Maintenance


We keep all our customers' information (contact info, address, product purchased/rented, date of delivery, etc.) in our database, which is updated constantly by our customer service specialists.

We will remind each customer periodically to replace their filters to ensure that your health is protected.

Our reminder will be made via emails and/or phone calls, which is the very reason why we need your contact info in the first place.

We Can

Change filters for your whole house filters, drinking water purifiers or other basic water filters.

Delivery & Installation


We provide product delivery service within Shanghai and Beijing. For customers living in other provinces, delivery could be done by an express company.

For Drinking water purifiers, shower filters and faucet filters, free installation service will be provided. In addition, customers are provided with regular filter replacement service for all products.

Exchange & Moving


We offer better after sales services than many companies, including Product Exchange and Moving for all of our customers.

From the day of your purchase, you can ask to exchange what you bought within a month. Your proposal will be positively responded if the product(s) has/have not been used. Furthermore, we help you re-install our products in your new house everywhere in China!