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Central Water Solutions


Installed in the water entry point of the house, these neat-looking solutions are ideal to treat the water circulating in the whole house.

It is recommended to have Point of Entry solution used together with the Point of Use solution for a secured filtration and safer, cleaner water.

Treated tap water through whole house water filters and water softeners is however not recommended for drinking and cooking. A Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter is necessary.


Whole House Water Filter

Efficiently removes large particles such as sands, rusts and sediments, chlorine, odors, pesticide and part of metals.

3-stage central solution.png

Whole House Water Softener

Effectively removes calcium and magnesium ions from water to greatly reduce the hardness of tap water.

Whole House Filter Alternative

A 3-stage filter could also be installed on the main water pipe to purify the water for the whole house. 

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