Instant Water Boiler

Instant Water Boiler


ANSE water boiler features high efficiency and greater convenience. No need to wait for long time to get boiled water from electric kettle, the ANSE water boiler will produce boiled water (98℃) in seconds, great for you to make coffee, tea and other beverages.

Convenient use

The Water Boiler is a must-buy for any home owner looking for a fast clean way to boil their water.



Imported from US.

Iron water boiler inside instead of plastic.

Installed underneath the kitchen sink.


By using the most advanced technology and selected components, the imported ANSE instant water boiler is with better quality, higher stability and greater performance compared to the traditional water boilers in the market.

For the sake of safety, there is no elevated pressure in the water tank, which is another advantage over most of other products. ANSE water boiler can be installed under the sink very easily and the seamless connection between the water boiler and cold water pipe ensure no leakage. The water boiler can also be used together with water purifier and deliver the drinking water with two temperatures(cold water and boiled water). The temperature controller enables the system to control the electric current according the water temperature you need and also adjust the water output based on your needs, which will be both energy conserving and water saving.


Power: 1300W

Voltage: 220V

Current: 6A

Volume: 2.6L

Tank material: stainless steel

Temp option: 20~98C

Size: 200*180*295mm