ShowerKing Shower Filter

ShowerKing Shower Filter


Used for rain shower, this shower filter’s immediate effectiveness in removing chlorine makes it the perfect companion for a refreshing experience.

A unique showering experience all year long

Day by day you will look and feel healthier after using clean water to take your shower.

ShowerKing filters are helping you to remove impurities and smell in your tap water and soften the water for a smoother experience.


Clean water at your convenience

With the filter connected to your wall-mounted shower, ShowerKing provides convenient and safe experience to our consumers. Showering experience has never been that simple with Greenwave’s products.



Calcium Sulfite, Tourmaline



Removes chlorine, large particles and softens water to improve your showering experience.


Installation requirements:

No specific requirements.

You can benefit from our customization service in case of any particular requirement or need.



Φ80 xH100mm


Suitable for:

Wall-mounted showers or big rain shower sprays hanging on the ceiling; reducing dry skin and itchy eyes as well as brittle hair and many other health issues related to China’s highly chlorinated tap water.