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Ayi & AC Cleaning

Having a thoroughly clean environment in all your life's areas is essential!

Ayi Service


Greenwave has built online ayi community to help ayis and families. Ayi means Housekeepers in China, and the mass market demand for ayi increases the importance to construct a social platform for ayis and families to communicate.

Our ayi services are beneficial for both sides: we help ayis to find satisfied job in high-end and expats families, share experience in the platform and train them to expand knowledge and skills; we also help families to find reliable ayis to assist their lives.

Air-Con Cleaning


Besides all of the above, for these who are in need of VOC and mold treatment or AC deep cleaning and disinfection, we could help them too. Depending on the resources we have in different cities, we could not cover all for now. Contact us for inquiries first if any of these is needed. 





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