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Water Filtration


Adopt a healthier way of life by getting cleaner water in every part of your home.

This will benefit all the family members, young and old generations alike.

Point of Entry Solutions


Installed in the water entry point of the house, these neat-looking solutions are ideal to treat the water circulating in the whole house.

It is recommended to have Point of Entry solution used together with the Point of Use solution for a secured filtration and safer, cleaner water.

Treated tap water through whole house water filters and water softeners is however not recommended for drinking and cooking. A Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter is necessary.

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Point of Use Solutions


Installed at individual water use points, these solutions are more often considered, due to their lower upfront cost and their ability to fix precise issues.

Greenwave has a full range of water filters suitable for different uses and meeting different requirements. All of these will ensure the safety of water use in a family.

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Clean Shower

Our range of bathroom products is ideal to cleanse your body of all impurities.





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