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The PuXuan Hotel

Using Greenwave purified water for all food, drinks, ice and coffee!

Renowned for its luxurious accommodations and world-class spa services,

The PuXuan Hotel is home to the Michelin Selected Restaurant Rive Gauche

and the One Star Michelin Restaurant Fu Chun Ju.


They now have multiple state-of-the-art Greenwave filtration systems on the fourth and fifth floor of the hotels, to provide the cleanest water in every one of their gastronomic outlets. The PuXuan Hotel and Spa is sparing no expense to bring the highest satisfaction level to their guests!

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In addition, the hotel rooms are also furnished with glass bottles filled with the purified water treated by Greenwave. This ensures a completely satisfactory service for all guests during their stay.

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How is clean water secured in The PuXuan Hotel?

Bottled water from reliable sources is clean, however secondary pollution caused by the plastic tanks, transportation…etc. dramatically reduce the quality of the water.

For guaranteed clean water, the best solution is to use a Reverse-Osmosis water system.

The drinking water in The PuXuan Hotel is purified by

Greenwave Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems, one of the most advanced filtration systems on the market.

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An Efficient System

The water produced by the Clavo RO system used in The PuXuan Hotel is perfectly clean and safe for cooking, drinking, making ice, and coffee. 

Clavo Drinking Water Purifier


According to experts, you can’t live in China and expect clean drinking water without a Reverse-Osmosis system.

Reverse-Osmosis technology based systems is the only in depth fix for heavy metals and other nasty impurities.

We use such for all our restaurant partners, families and clients.

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Stage 1

PP fiber

Removes dirt, rust, and sand

Stage 2

Granular activated carbon

Removes smells  and pesticides

Stage 3

Sintered activated carbon

Removes most organic substances

Stage 4

Reverse-Osmosis membrane

Removes all organic impurities, dissolves solids and heavy metals to create pure water

Stage 5

Post activated carbon

Removes weird smells and improves the taste

Why is purified water better?

Purified drinking water is simply better than any other alternative. Both in taste, smell and quality, it is a huge improvement from simply filtered or bottled water. 


A simple measurement of water quality is total dissolved solids (TDS), measured in mg/L, where the lowest valve indicates the cleanness for the water used.






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