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Faucet Water Solutions


Clean water from faucets plays an important role in our life as it has influence on food safety as well as skin care and other aspects.

Filters are required for kitchen and bathroom faucets to remove the harmful elements from water and create softer and safer water for cleaning.

Ozone 安装示意图.jpg

Installed on a kitchen tap, an Ozone Water Purifier is ideal to clean your fruits and vegetables in a much easier way than traditional solvents such as vinegar, salt, baking soda and veggie cleaner. It disinfects and sterilizes fruits and vegetables without any byproduct.


For the sink and bathtub faucets in bathroom, a WaterBaby can be installed to remove chlorine and part of metals, making the water cleaner and softer for your skin.


For the irregular faucets, you can benefit from our customization service for installing an adapter or a new tap to install the filter.

Customization Green.png


  • For all filters that are attached to faucets to purify water, they are the ones that are doing simple filtration only; the filtered water is not recommended for drinking directly.

  • For the Ozone Water Purifier, avoid using water with high temperature (above 40˚C). Do not pour water on the product or use the filtered water to water plants.

  • For WaterBaby faucet filter, avoid installing the product where it could have direct contact with sunlight, and avoid using water with high temperature (above 40˚C).

  • As an alternative, we also have customized solutions to install a filter underneath the sink if needed.

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