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Shower Water Solutions


The tap water in China is known for being over chlorinated and can lead to some skin and hair problems, and the problems are especially prominent for expats who are newly arrived here.

Greenwave shower solutions can be applied in different scenarios and help getting rid of chlorine and part of heavy metals. The filtered water is much more cleaner and softer than the tap water. 


No matter you have a rain shower or a handheld shower, there is always a way to remove the water pollutants to protect your skin and hair!


Greenwave is running a brand new ClearFall shower filter specifically designed for the modern house. It can be used for either handheld shower or bathtub shower to soften water and increase oxygen content, which greatly improves your showering experience. 


For rain shower or wall-mounted shower fixtures, a ShowerKing shower filter can be applied. It removes chlorine and softens the water, making it a perfect companion for a refreshing experience.

Shower softener示意图.jpg

A shower water softener might need to be used along with ClearFall for ideal shower experience in case the user encounters serious skin problems and feels there is metallic smell, especially in north China.


For irregular situations, you can benefit from our customization service for installing an adapter, a new rain shower spray, or a stronger shower head holder.

Customization Green.png


  • For all shower filters sold on market, they are the ones that are doing simple filtration only; the filtered water is not recommended for drinking directly.

  • You are recommended to use both ClearFall and ShowerKing shower filters if you have both rain shower and handheld shower.

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